Are You Prepared? Eco Sound / NDC Redundancy Network

What if your access to products was suddenly compromised? Are you prepared?

Since 1995 Eco Sound Medical Services has been a proud partner of National Distribution & Contracting (NDC), a master distributor of medical supplies around the world.

Together we have built a redundancy network to reduce the risk of supply chain disruption.

NDC is positioned to deliver uninterrupted service under any circumstance allowing you to provide uninterrupted care to your patients.

Watch the following video to learn more about our redundancy network:


  • Leading Age
  • National Distribution and Contracting, Inc.
  • California Assisted Living Association
  • Aging Services of California
  • Health Industry Distributors Association
  • Intalere
  • Vizient
  • Innovatix
  • NuEdge
  • Navigator
  • California Association of Health Facilities