Exclusive Services from the company that lives by its name.

Eco Sound Medical Services is focused on providing quality healthcare products and solutions, while keeping the environment in mind. Just a few of the “Green” solutions we offer are environmentally friendly products, reusable repack programs, and product recycle programs.

Going Green in the Office

Going Green - Recycling

We encourage the use of:

  • Battery recycling
  • Bottle & can recycling
  • Car pools
  • Eco friendly cleaning supplies
  • Paper recycling
  • Paperless /online ordering
  • Recycled office supplies
  • Remote video/phone conferencing
  • Reusable repack boxes

Eco Sound gives out certifications to our customers when they purchase our gloves that are DOP/DEHP Free.

We are also part of the Environmentally Preferred Purchasing (EPP) program, which helps customers to find and evaluate information about green products and services as well as calculate the costs and benefits of purchasing choices.

Battery Recycling Program

Try our Battery Recycling Program

Try our new battery recycling program! It’s easy to get started. Simply contact our customer service department and ask to have your community signed up for the program. A recycling container will be delivered to your community and our delivery personnel will empty your container on a regular set schedule.

Need replacement batteries? We’ve got you covered. Ask our sales staff about our selection of batteries.

Eco-Express Reusable Repack Box Exchange Program

Our Eco-Express Green Line Service program utilizes two sizes of reusable tote containers. Each container is marked and numbered, for use as repacks, replacing card board boxes. Our numbering system assures more efficient delivery.

On your first Express order, the customer retains the totes on the first delivery and the information is noted/tracked. When we return for your next delivery, we pick up the empties while delivering your new order.

Our Environmentally Friendly Repack Containers

Our Green Line Service:

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Sanitized Re-Usable Containers
  • No More “Reused” Shipping Boxes
  • Easier to Stack
  • More Efficient
  • 24lbs Maximum Weight Per Container
  • User Friendly

The Eco-Express Green Line Service is another way we can achieve our goal to “Go Green” in regards to the environment and eliminate disposal of boxes by the customer. Ask your Eco Sound representative for more details – call toll free on 1-800-494-6868.

  • Leading Age
  • National Distribution and Contracting, Inc.
  • California Assisted Living Association
  • Aging Services of California
  • Health Industry Distributors Association
  • Intalere
  • Vizient
  • Innovatix
  • NuEdge
  • Navigator
  • California Association of Health Facilities